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MEAN WELL's XLN-XLC Series LED Power Supplies 2

Illuminating the Future: MEAN WELL’s XLN/XLC Series LED Power Supplies

In the dynamic world of LED lighting, where efficiency, safety, and intelligent control are paramount, MEAN WELL stands at the forefront with its latest innovation: the XLN/XLC Series LED power supplies. This new series not only meets stringent global safety and energy efficiency regulations but also integrates advanced dimming functionalities to support the growing demand for smart lighting solutions worldwide.

Evolution of LED Lighting Technology

LED lighting has revolutionized the industry with its high efficiency and long lifespan, contributing significantly to global efforts in energy conservation and sustainability. MEAN WELL’s XLN/XLC Series represents a leap forward in this evolution, combining robust design with intelligent features tailored to meet diverse lighting applications.

Comprehensive Safety and Certification

Safety is non-negotiable in the design of LED power supplies, especially in applications where reliability is critical. The XLN/XLC Series adheres to the highest safety standards, including IP67 waterproofing for outdoor use, double insulation, and Class II design for enhanced protection against electrical shock. Compliant with UL8750 Class 2/Class P power unit standards, these power supplies ensure operational safety and longevity.

Advanced Dimming Capabilities

One of the standout features of the XLN/XLC Series is its advanced dimming functionality. Whether through wired interfaces like 3 in 1, DALI-2, KNX, Casambi, or the latest Matter (IoT) wireless solution, these power supplies offer unparalleled flexibility in lighting control. The dimming range extends down to 0.1%, allowing precise adjustment of brightness levels to suit various environments and requirements.

Versatile Design Options

MEAN WELL caters to diverse needs with multiple configurations within the XLN/XLC Series:

Constant Power Design: Adjustable current (H type) supports dynamic lighting requirements.

Constant Voltage Output: Models available in 12V, 24V, and 48V configurations for seamless integration with different LED setups.

Flexible Installation: Options for independent wiring output (XLN series) or terminal-block design (XLC series) ensure compatibility with various luminaire designs and installation environments.

Integration with Smart Home Solutions

Recognizing the trend towards smart home technologies, MEAN WELL offers seamless integration with systems like KNX, DALI-2, and Matter (IoT). This integration enables users to control and manage their lighting environments effortlessly, enhancing both convenience and energy efficiency.

Commitment to Sustainability and Reliability

Backed by a 5-year warranty and designed for over 50,000 hours of operation, the XLN/XLC Series underscores MEAN WELL’s commitment to durability and sustainability. These power supplies not only reduce energy consumption but also minimize maintenance needs, making them a cost-effective choice for long-term lighting solutions.


As we march towards a future focused on energy efficiency and smart technology integration, MEAN WELL’s XLN/XLC Series sets a new standard in LED power supplies. With its blend of safety certifications, advanced dimming capabilities, and compatibility with smart home systems, this series empowers users to achieve optimal lighting performance while contributing to global sustainability goals.

For architects, lighting designers, and system integrators looking to elevate their projects with reliable and intelligent LED power solutions, MEAN WELL offers a compelling array of options. Explore the possibilities of the XLN/XLC Series and discover how MEAN WELL is shaping the future of illuminated spaces.

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