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Solar panel warranty log

Please log your solar panel warranty, fill in all the field in order to process your warranty.

Please note: 

Solar panels can also under perform for a number of reasons or defects and if you suspect your solar panels are not working correctly, you should first check your solar inverter is operating with no faults or warning lights. Next, you should obtain your total daily solar generation (kWh) and check this is approximately correct for the time of year. We have a free solar calculator tool that can help you determine how much solar generation you should expect based on your location. In most locations, you will notice a significant reduction during the winter months due to the shorter days and poor weather, also shading can have a much bigger impact during winter as the sun is much lower in the sky and shadows from trees and other obstacles will be larger. Also, check that you don’t have a build-up of dirt and leaves on the panels.

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