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Empowering Your Batteries: Victron’s Blue Smart Charger Series explored.

Unlocking the full potential of batteries poses a unique set of challenges, especially with the myriad sizes and types available today. Incorrect charging not only hampers performance but can also pose safety risks.

The Blue Smart IP65

The mainstay of the Victron Blue Smart range is the Blue Smart IP65. Made with features and accessories to make the charger portable and easy to use. Perfect for in the field charging and travel.

With a wide range of features the Blue Smart range offers an unmatched versatility.

  • IP65 Rating.
    With its IP65 enclosure rating the Blue Smart charger can withstand even the harshest of conditions. Being resistant to water, dust, and most common chemicals.
  • Seven step smart charge algorithm.
    The Blue Smart IP 65 provides a wide variety of charging algorithms for different battery chemistries as well as the option to program a charge curve to fit your application.
  • Power Supply function
    The Blue Smart IP65 gives you the option to use the charger as a power supply. Giving you a stable voltage output.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
    The Blue smart IP65 can function in temperatures as low as -30C to 50C.
  • Changing status at a glance.
    The LED’S on the Blue smart chargers shows at a glance what battery preset is in use and in what stage of changing the charger currently is.
  • Adjustable Charge current.
    Safely charge smaller batteries on even high current chargers with selectable lower charge currents.
  • Li-ion battery mode.
    The blue smart IP65 provides a pre-made charge mode tailored for most lithium batteries. And with its programable charge curve the Blue Smart IP65 is the perfect choice for lithium batteries.
  • Powerful Bluetooth app.
    Using the Victron Connect app you gain accurate Realtime data of the charging process as well as control.

The blue smart IP65 comes with handy accessories included. Two Clamp connectors and two M8 eyelets that make connecting to batteries easy!

Blue charger Victron 7

Victron also offers a wide range of accessories to go with the IP65 charger. From carry cases to cables and simple battery monitors.

Do you like all the features of the blue smart IP65 but don’t need the IP65 resistance rating?
Worry not for Victron provides a more affordable range of chargers in the blue smart IP22 range that still possesses most of the features of the blue smart IP65.

Blue charger Victron 4

What are the main differences between the Blue Smart IP65 and the IP22?

  • Resistance rating and temperature range.
    As indicated by the IP rating the Blue smart IP65 is much more resistant to dust and water ingress as the IP22. This does however mean that the IP22 has an edge on the IP65 when it comes to temperature. While both units are rated to operate between -40C to 60C the blue smart IP22 can output full charging power up to 40C while the IP65 can only output full charging power up to 30C.
  • Multiple outputs and parallel operation.
    The blue smart IP22 can be purchased in a configuration with 3 independent changing outputs.
    Allowing you to charge different batteries separately using one charger. Take note however that the max charging current is dived between these outputs. If you require more charging current the IP22 allows parallel operation with multiple chargers of the same size when they are networked with Bluetooth.
  • Screw terminals over connectors.
    The blue smart IP22 comes equipped with screw terminals for the battery connectors and not battery cables included whereas compared with the IP65 charger that comes equipped with a handy connector and cable packs included with the charger.

Need a charger for extreme environments?

 While the Blue Smart IP65 and IP22 are perfect for workshop and portable use you might need a charger for more extreme environments such as engine bays, vehicle chassis and marine applications, the IP67 is the charger for you.

Blue charger Victron 6

Retaining most of the features of the IP65 and IP22 with its Bluetooth app allowing monitoring and control. The blue smart IP67 offers a truly robust and resistant cast aluminum housing ensuring water, oil and dirt will never bring down the charger.

In addition to the added resistance the blue smart IP65 offers a similar temperature range to the IP22 operating between -30C and 60C while only limiting charging power at 40C+.

What charger is best for you?

You might be asking yourself which of the above chargers will fit you the best? Luckily all the chargers in the blue smart range share the most important features. That being its smart charging algorithms and Bluetooth app that allows you to control and monitor the whole process. As such the charger that will fit you best will be determined on how you use it.

The Blue smart IP65 is best for situations where you keep a charger in the car or need a charger to go with you on camping or 4×4 trips. Its also very handy for call out technicians that need to take a charger with them.

The Blue smart IP22 is best for clients looking to have a cheaper charger as compared to the IP65 that still retains all the best features. The Blue Smart IP22 is also perfect for the automotive workshop environment. Allowing a cost effective and advanced method for charging automotive batteries.

The Blue Smart IP67 is best for in field application. In remote and critical sites as well as permanent installation on vehicles.

The Victron guarantee

Regardless of the charger you chose Victron will stand by you. With a standard 5-year warranty on all their hardware ranges Victron has the trust in their products to ensure you are never left in the dark. Get charging the Smart way today with Victron Energy.

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