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Deye Warranty

In stage 2 and above, lead acid batteries are being used outside of their design parameters. 

This is due to long and frequent power outages resulting in multiple battery cycles per day. 

The short periods between load shedding cycles is also insufficient to recharge the battery correctly. 

It is for this reason that no lead acid battery is warranted if the load shedding increases to stage 2 or above.

This document lays down the Limited Warranty Agreement “( Warranty”) of the sales of Deye
Inverter along with Deye Ion Battery, VOLTA PRO Battery with Accessory Components “( Inverter”
and “Battery” collectively as “Products”) by Deye Limited & Glob- al Tech China Ltd
“( Seller”) regarding your “( Buyer”) purchase of the aforementioned products for a period of
ten years from the date of purchase thereby:

The agreement is subject to the conditions described below. Global Tech China is not obliged
to notify any Buyer, or future Buyer, after a certain date about any possible amendments or the
non-applicability of this limited warranty regarding the supplied products (hereinafter referred
to as the‘ Products’). This warranty only applies to a sales agreement between Global Tech
China and the Buyer in instant case. By making purchase of the products, it would be deemed
that buyer also accepted terms of this Warranty Agreement.


The primary purpose of this warranty agreement is to clearly define and lay down the terms and
conditions related to the sale and warranty policy of the Products.


The parties agree that if any product is found defective during the warranty period, the product
shall be re-paired or replaced. The battery shall have the following warranties:

  1. Battery BMS is guaranteed to Five Years;
  2. DEYE ESS warrants that the product will (i) maintain seventy percent (70%) of its Usable Energy
    within ten (10) years from the Warranty Start Date; or (ii) reach the Minimum Throughput Energy,
    whichever occurs first.
  3. In case, after passage of Five years, battery cell is found faulty, the cell would be replaced free
    of charge excluding labour charges.



The parties agree that the Inverter has cumulative Ten years’ warranty period. If during the war
ranty period, is found defective, the warranty shall be applicable as:

  1. Standard five years’ warranty for all parts including labour charges;
  2. Additional five years’ warranty on all major components excluding labour charges and LCD
    component/part installed on it thereby.


The warranty in respect of products shall only be applicable, if and only when the product:

  • is purchased from Deye or an Authorised Reseller in the Territory; and
  • the product bears the original Deye serial number; and
  • is installed in a battery module in the Territory; and
  • is installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the Product Instructions; and
  • is being used on a daily cycle basis and only for energy storage system, (Cycle life per year:
    Must be below 700 times).

Proviso: The warranty shall become inapplicable if the defect in or failure of the Product’s
performance is attributable to the buyer’s misuse, abuse, accident or non-observance of the
Product instructions and manuals.


By virtue of this agreement, the products manufactured and supplied by the Global Tech China Limited
and Deye Limited are given warranty against material and manufacturing faults during the
duration of the warranty period subject to following general terms and conditions:

  • That the product must be purchased and installed within one of the following Jurisdictions : South
  • That the product must be correctly installed and commissioned in accordance with the installa
    instructions/manuals of the product and they must meet the requirements of the Benchmark
  • That the warranty period will commence from date of installation of the product, unless the instal
    lation is made after six months from the date on which the product was dispatched by us, in such
    case, the warranty period will commence six months from the date of Manufacture of the product.
  • That the product would be fit for claiming warranty.


Following are the necessary conditions for the product to be warranty complaint and eligible for
warranty claims from the seller and authorized re-seller:

  1. The product is made only for efficient usage in domestic and light commercial purposes,
    (Light commercial means and includes a semi domestic/commercial environment, including
    hair salons, small shops, pubs e tc.), hence, it must be used accordingly;
  2. For product to be warranty complaint, it must be used, kept and maintained in accordance
    with the seller/manufacturer’s instructions. The products be repaired and serviced as per
    manuals and from authorized agents. The record of such maintenance and service be maintained
    and produced at time of claiming warranty.
  3. The product would be warranty complaint as long as it is not moved, re- installed or transferred to
    any other place from original place of installation without authorization.


During the guarantee period any product or component which is proved to be faulty or defective in manufacture, will be repaired or replaced free of material and labour charges, providing that:

  1. Seller authorizes or carries out the repair or replacement work by himself;
  2. The product is returned to the Hong Kong or UK depot in accordance with terms laid down;
  3. The seller will not accept or reimburse the costs to any third party who undertakes to do any
    work on the product;
  4. The guarantee period will not be extended in case of any repair or replacement of any product
    or part, no new period of warranty of that particular product shall commence,
    rather any remaining warranty shall continue;
  5. In case of any replacement of product, the replaced product would be deemed to be Seller’s
  6. Any claim made under the terms and conditions of this warranty must be made within the warranty
  7. Only parts of products that are permanently installed on Moored House Boats are covered by


Following shall be procedure for claiming warranty:

At time of claiming warranty. The buyer/user shall contact seller and provide

  • Invoice for the procurement of the Product;
  • Product serial number and initial installation date;
  • Provide the log data recorded by the Products to indicate whether to achieve the minimum
  • Seller may require buyer to complete root analysis testing of the product to provide evidence
    supporting the claim;

After the claim, final verification of the claim will be made by Deye Limited & Global Tech China Ltd.
The seller reserves the right to refuse exchange requests where adequate information is not provided.

  1. For replacement and claiming warranty, the seller can be contacted at Email:
  2. In case of any dispute with Seller/Deye’s verification of the claim, the Product must be evaluated
    by European Government Certified Testing Laboratory or a Certified 3rd Party Testing Company. In
    such cases, the buyer shall bear the expenses of any 3rd Party Evaluation Service charges. (If the
    claim of buyer is proved valid, Deye will be responsible for the bearing all the testing charges).
  3.  In case of Non-availability of any particular product while claiming warranty, Deye may,at its
    discretion, replace the Product with a refurbished product or different product or parts with equivalent/
    similar functions and performance.
  4. It is also made clear that replacement of the battery, components or products may not be brand
    new but with same quality and specifications as compliant/equivalent with the claimed product


(1)Customers can contact Deye via phone, fax, and email. Customers need to provide the following
information for warranty claims:

  1. Product Model, Serial Number.
  2. System configuration details (Panels per string, number of strings, parallel or in series scheme,
    grid category, grid voltage rating, grid frequency rating).
  3. Fault description (Error message or error code on LCD display. Pictures, or other fault information)


Note: Deye reverse the right to reject the warranty claims without the necessary information. In
this case, it’s the customer to responsible for the loss or any other consequence.

(2) Free warranty service is provided for products with a valid warranty. It’s excluded from warranty
are damages due to:

  • Breaking the product seal / opening the casing without permission from Deye
  • Transport damage
  • Incorrect installation or commissioning; For example, incorrect DC or AC pole wiring/connetion,loose DC or AC pole wiring / connection, which lead to the damage of inverter.
  • Failure to observe the user manual, the installation guide, and the maintenance regulations
  • Unauthorized Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs
  • Incorrect use or inappropriate operation
  • Insufficient ventilation of the device
  • Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations
  • Force majeure (e.g., lightning, overvoltage, storm, fire)


For warranty invalid products, Deye would charge for service fees for the service, example, spare
parts cost, labor cost for products. Or according to maintenance contract,if there is maintenance
contract signed.

(3) The above terms & conditions (together with the warranty card in product packing, and the
affixed warranty documents) had described all responsibilities for products Deye sold, it removes
the other apparent & hint guarantee. Without formal document confirmation, Deye would not
responsible for any responsibilities beyond of this warranty term. When product is in use under
warranty, Deye’s responsibility is limited to replace service and repair service according to the
warranty terms & conditions, no further assurance, obligation, or responsibility. If specified by law,
Deye would perform in accord with the law.

(4) OEM products are not applicable with this warranty terms & conditions. Warranty for OEM
product should comply with the contract.

Please note: Deye reserves the ultimate explanation right on this service commitment.

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