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In stage 2 and above, lead acid batteries are being used outside of their design parameters. 

This is due to long and frequent power outages resulting in multiple battery cycles per day. 

The short periods between load shedding cycles is also insufficient to recharge the battery correctly. 

It is for this reason that no lead acid battery is warranted if the load shedding increases to stage 2 or above.

Vision Warranty

  • YHI POWER PTY LTD, ABN 59 063 419 849 (YHI POWER), warrants VISION range batteries, to the original purchaser, if purchased from YHI POWER branches in Australia – against defects in materials and workmanship, in the correct applications, under the manufacturer’s prescribed conditions of use, maintenance and service, for the periods of time, from the date of goods delivery – as stated below in Warranty Conditions, and subject to the conditions contained herein. This warranty shall be invalidated by any abuse, misuse, misapplication unauthorized modification or improper installation of the product.
  • YHI POWER supplies VISION batteries with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law.
  • YHI POWER warrants to the original user that Vision VRLA series batteries used in a float standby application at 25 °C will provide a minimum of 80 % of rated capacity. If a proper maintained battery fails to meet 80% of its rated capacity within the warranty period, YHI POWER will replace the defective battery. The capacity discharge test must follow the instruction of the manufacturer’s User Manual clause 4.2 Capacity Test and End of Discharge.
  • The battery must be installed and operated in accordance with manufacturer’s User Manual. YHI POWER reserve the right to refuse the warranty if not installed according to manufacturer’s User Manual.
  • The systems sizing must be performed by trained authorized personnel.
  • The user must perform Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly checks on the batteries, as required by VISION Maintenance Manual, and record the cell/ monobloc /string Voltage, cell / monobloc Impedance and Pilot Cell Temperature values.
  • In the case of warranty complaint, YHI POWER will review the installation, analyses the recorded maintenance log data, and determine if the failure is a result of materials defect / workmanship.
  • YHI POWER does not accept any battery test, performed by another battery repairer or manufacturer in determining whether the battery supplied by YHI POWER has failed under the warranty.
  • If YHI POWER finds that the VISION battery, supplied by it has failed during the warranty period due to defects in material and / or workmanship, it will either repair or replace the battery (-ies). If the 2 battery is replaced, – the old one becomes a property of YHI POWER, and is to be returned to YHI POWER, free from third party claims.
Warranty Conditions YHI POWER warrants VISION battery which becomes unserviceable (not merely discharged) due to defect(s) in material and / or workmanship within the periods stated below: 1. FLOATING SERVICE at 20℃-25℃ Range / Model CP HP FM* HF / HFS CT/CTA CL CG Warranty (year) 1 1 3 3 3 5 5 * 6FM17-X – 1 Year Warranty 2. CYCLIC SERVICE at 20℃-25℃ Model FMD EV CT CL CG Warranty 1 1 1 2 2 3. ENERCLOUD BATTERY Three (3) years fully replacement warranty.
  • If monitor module is faulty within the warranty period, only monitor module will be replaced.
  • If battery is faulty within the warranty period, only battery will be replaced.
  • If out of warranty period, the battery is faulty but monitor module is in a good condition, YHI POWER offer normal battery in smart battery case at normal battery price.
  • Warranty terms are based on using in float standby operation and maintaining a daily temperature at 25 ± 3°C.
4. FM/CT High Temperature Batteries (HTB) 35℃ For batteries are frequently used in high temperature condition, such as outdoor base station or UPS room without air conditioner. Vision HTB series are recommended, warranty period for FM-HTB & CT-HTB as follows. Temperature (℃) 20℃-35℃ 36℃-45℃ above 45℃ Warranty* 3 1.5 0 In order keep the ambient temperature at level of 10~35 centigrade, customer shall use relevant temperature control equipment. In case the ambient temperature extends above 60 centigrade or below -20 centigrade, guarantee will not be offered. * Warranty period above will vary depends on the proportion of the different ambient temperature ranges. Exclusions and Limitations The provisions of this limited warranty shall NOT apply to failures due to:
  1. Abuse or neglect, such as:
    1. Loose wiring;
    2. Rusted or corroded connections hardware;
    3. Incorrect / improper installation;
    4. Neglect – absence of / insufficient service;
    5. Breakage, cracked covers and cases;
    6. Cases bulged: from the heat, freezing, fire, explosion, wreckage, exposure to excessive temperatures and the like;
  2. Incorrect charging (undercharging or overcharging);
  3. Use of the battery in undercharged condition;
  4. Batteries not installed and /or operated, and /or maintained in strict compliance with the VISION’s recommendations and instructions;
  5. Over discharging;
  6. Batteries improperly sized for the application / load / autonomy time;
  7. Valve Regulated (Sealed) batteries that have been opened at any time;
  8. Batteries damaged from faulty loads or chargers;
  9. If the manufacturing or date codes have been destroyed or tampered with;
  10. If there is no credible record of purchase;
  11. If there is no credible proof of operation and maintenance according to manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions;
  12. Operation in an application for which it was not designed – e.g. Floating Service batteries in Cyclic Service applications;
  13. This warranty is limited to VISION batteries supplied by YHI POWER at its standard prices, current at the time of purchase.
Warranty Claim Procedure
  1. Contact YHI POWER within 2 working days of discovering the failure;
  2. Provide your proof of purchase, and where required by YHI POWER representative – details of operation and maintenance;
  3. The battery may need to be taken to the nearest YHI POWER branch to determine the cause of failure. Depending on the type of battery, this test can take several working days, and may involve destructive analysis, the cost of which will be borne by YHI POWER only if the claim will be found to be valid;
  4. You may be contacted should YHI POWER have further questions relating to the application or usage of the battery;
  5. You will be notified by the YHI POWER representative on the outcome of your claim within 2 working days after completion of testing and adjudication.
  6. Any goods returned to YHI must be at customer’s freight expense.
  7. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of cells only and excludes labour, consequential and incidental damages to other equipment.
Details of operation and maintenance (may be requested)
  1. Battery model and quantity;
  2. Date code / Installation date;
  3. Ambient temperature in the battery room;
  4. Battery configuration – number of cells in series, number of parallel strings;
  5. Charger settings – Float voltage, equalization voltage etc.);
  6. Actual load (Amps or Watts);
  7. Historical logbook records – voltage, impedance, temperature etc.;
  8. In cases of leaking electrolyte or cosmetic defects – photo is required;
Technical advice To ensure correct installation and operation of VISION battery system, please contact YHI POWER technical representative if the battery is planned to be used in installation where:
  1. The string voltage exceeds 450Vdc (32 x 12V monoblocs in series).
  2. The battery bank consists of more than three strings in parallel.
  3. If the discharge current value is over 3C (at C10 rating).


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